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Heating system installation - Online Design

Find out how much costs the Heating system, Plumbing,
Cooling system, Ventilation system installation in your home.

Heating system - Make a heating system design online,Find out what it will cost cooling systems, ventilation,

and plumbing installation. You can do this online, from home.
Design is free.
To do this, send us a plan of your house
Heating system
Get an estimate online
Coordinate details, not leaving from the house
Accept the decision, and
Book works online
Will be counted temperature losing of your home, will be calculated required pipes and radiators,
selected required heating boiler, and one of the way what you prefer (telephone, Internet, or
personally) you will get two calculations:
1. how much it costs the heating system installation using panel radiators in your home.
2. how much it costs the heating system installation using sectional radiators in your home.
Design of this stage is free.

Execution of works:
If the proposal is acceptable to you, you can order the execution of works online.
Execution of work under standard conditions takes approximately 3-4 days.
After heating system installation, the customer gets up to three years warranty on heating radiators and heating boiler,
and up to five years warranty for the pipeline.

Payment can be made step by step:
  • At the beginning of the works, one-third of the total amount;
  • After the heating system installation, the rest of the amount;

If there are other repairs, during installation, the cost of the work involves the removal of
the radiators after installation and re-installation after completing other repairs.

If you prefer, you can choose a phased installation of heating system:
Time between steps is not limited and determined by you.
  • In the first step you can choose only to install pipeline (the cost is about one-third of the total cost of the central heating system installation). We will install the heating pipes, will be installed the system pressure gauge (manometer), and the system will be sated under pressure;
  • In the second step, you can choose to install the radiators (cost about one-third of the total cost);
  • And, in the third step will be installed heating boiler (cost about one-third of the total cost);

Bank credit is available.
Favorable conditions of the Energocredit also available.
How to prepare a plan of your home?
Follow the instructions below

1. Create a simple sketch of your home
2. Place the length and width of each room on the drawing
3. Place on the drawing the layout and dimensions of the windows and doors
4. Place on the drawing the function of each room
5. Make bold or different color the walls that are shared with neighbors
6. Specify where you prefer it to be mounted heating boiler.
It is desirable to provide additional information:
  • Ceiling Height.
  • Specify if it is the first or the last floor apartment. (Or, Specify if it is a separate building)
  • Specify wall thickness. (If there are different thicknesses of the walls, specify the wall thickness near that wall on the drawing)
Also, note that:
  • Installation of pipes should be along the walls.
  • Specify if there may be problem to install pipes along the wall. This will help us in designing process of the right route.
  • You can also specify your special requirements.
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