Heating installation, Air-conditioners installation, Plumbing installation
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Heating installation, Air-conditioners installation, Plumbing installation

"HAVA" Ltd - Heating, Air conditioning & Ventilation Accessories

Our business description - Heating installation, Air-conditioners installation, Plumbing installation, Selling of heating boilers, heating radiators, water pipes, sewer pipes, bath dryers, Fan Coils, Chillers

Our company works since 2000 on heating installation and projecting, air-conditioners installation, conditioning, plumbing installation, ventilation systems, and swimming pools

The company's business scope includes heating installation in the apartments and offices, air-conditioners installation, plumbing installation, conditioning and ventilation systems installation, air based heating and cooling systems installation.

We sell heating boilers, central heating radiators, bath dryers, heating system pipes for the heating installation, water pipes, sewerage pipes for the hot water supply and  plumbing installation, conditioners, chillers, fan coils, for air conditioning, cooling and air-conditioners installation.

We sell, hot water tanks, gas space heaters, electric space heaters, both types - aluminum sectional radiators and panel radiators.

Range of services and equipments allows you to choose a variety of heaters, or choose heating installation. Allows you to choose an air-conditioners installation for cooling, or full cooling and ventilation system installation. Allows you to replace the water supply old pipes system with new pipes, or choose a new plumbing installation.
Since 2000 company performed various types of complex works.

That kind of business, such as the heating installation, air-conditioners installation, ventilation installation, plumbing installation, Heating installation, Air-conditioners installation, Plumbing installationand other similar works, requires high responsibility during the works execution and warranty service period. Therefore, to fully satisfy all customer requirements and to achieve success, a company must meet several important conditions.

The first factor of company's success is qualified projecting team. Powerful projecting software gives us ability to create finished project and estimate it’s cost in matter of hours, what is very comfy for client, relevant price estimation for client so he can compare our offer with other companies offers and make decision in short time. This kind of projection takes couple of days in other companies.

Same software has ability to estimate costs with high accuracy, what reduces unforeseen costs and reduces client offered price.
It’s important that in difference from other companies design and projection is free, starting from your call and ending with projecting work completion.

The second factor of company's success is experienced, qualified installation and producer teams. Company uses only experienced specialists and excludes using outside brought workers. So while in working period all clients fell honest trust and high quality of done work. Organized working cycle, gives us ability to finish working in shortest time, for typical flat this time is 3-4 days. Client who thought that heating installation is long and disturbing works before, is now satisfied with noiseless, high quality works done cleanly and in a short time.

The third factor of company's success is use of high quality material.
Our partners are European leading companies. For installation we use German pipes, Italian radiators, Italian "Aniston" boilers.
Use of high quality material is profitable for client and for us. Client gets European quality heating system, and we get lower reclamation from client and more time for works.

And at the end, fourth factor of company's success is well organized service. In spheres as are heating and cooling systems, one of the important attribute is service.
For all used devices there are stocks of spare parts in place.
Straightened service team gives us ability to offer client free guarantee service for long period, and in this period guarantee all obligations.
For devices which we install client gets from two to three years service warranty, and for installed sewerage pipes client gets under five years warranty.

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