The best way to heat your home
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The best way to heat your home

What is the best way to heat your home.

How to heat your home. Space heaters. Space Electric heaters. Space Gas heaters. Gas heater Longvie.
Heating system - Central heating system.


Comfort in our home, it is not only a good furniture, not only a good household appliances, there is an integral part of comfort - providing the home heating and air conditioning system. What can compared with the comfort of the home when it's cold on the street, and in the house is pleasant warmth, or, conversely, on the street there is the summer heat, and in the house soothing coolness.


Heat your home:

How to heat your home depends on several factors. First factor, it is the financial aspect. When we talk about the financial side, you need to consider two things: the cost of buying heating devices, and second, the amount of how much it will cost you a monthly to heat your home.

1. Depending on the price, the cheapest heaters are

Electric space heaters or heaters that work on electricity.

The big plus of these heaters, it is an easy way to install them. Some of them can be easily attached to the wall, without dust and noise (for example, the French electric heaters "Atlantic"), or placed directly on the floor (the same electric heaters "Atlantic" or other brand of electric heaters "AUX"). Electric heater Atlantic Installation does not require much skill, and in most cases, heaters should only be turned on.

A great advantage of electric heaters is ecological purity, they does not use oil or gas.

Electric heaters have limited power 1.0 - 2.5 kW. For this reason, in most cases, the heater can heat only one room. Therefore, in order to heat the whole house (heating in compliance), will have to buy more than one device. And this raises the question of whether or not this is a very cheap way to heat your home. For example, to buy three of these heaters need 300 to 400 GEL.

The second drawback of electric heaters is the high cost of electricity compared to natural gas. For example, heating a typical apartment takes to 8.5 kilowatt per hours of energy. Get this power using electricity will cost about 0.85 - 1.36 GEL and using natural gas will cost about 0.3 - 0.45 GEL. The figures are approximate, since they depend on the apartment temperature losses, on the price of resources at a given moment, and other factors, but provide an opportunity to assess what additional costs will have to pay monthly during the heating season, in the case of electric heaters.

2. Depending on the price, the next cheapest heaters are

Gas space heaters, space heaters that are working on natural gas.

The positive side of Gas heaters is the same simple installation method, although not as easy as in the case of electric heaters, but still. Work on the installation of gas heaters take from 30 minutes to one hour, the installation process does not makes much discomfort and do not require changing the rhythm of family life.

The positive side of these heaters is the more high power (eg, heater "longvie" and heater "eskabe"). In most cases, you have to buy only one heater to heat your home. Cost is about 370 - to 650 - GEL. If we take into account that the natural Gas is cheaper then electricity, therefore we can say that, using gas heaters is one of the cheapest way to heat your home.

The downside of gas heaters is that a one-time cost of purchasing and installing the heater is relatively higher than in the case of electric heaters.

The bad news is, that natural gas is used as fuel, but the heater "longvie" and heaters "eskabe" equipped with closed combustion chamber, and the burning process is isolated from room space and waste combustion of natural gas are not able to get into the room. The products of combustion are emitted directly to the outside. Also there is no consumption of oxygen for combustion from the room. Oxygen comes from the outside into the combustion chamber with double tubes, one of which is used for the flow of oxygen from the outside, while the other is used to exhaust combustion products. Thus, we have an efficient room heaters, completely insulated from room.

Gas heater Longvie
Other type of heaters with open chamber contains a high risk to human health.

Negative aspect of the gas heaters and electric heaters is that temperature near the heater and in the room where the heater mounted is high and the average temperature in the home is lover. This makes some discomfort.

3. Next in the price range to heat your home is

installation of autonomous heating system with radiators and using the heating boiler.

The price difference is significant in comparison with gas heaters and electric heaters, but also there is a very big difference in terms of comfort in favor of the heating system. And, if we take into account that the cost of the heating system is in the range of 4 - 6 square meters of apartment value, we can say that it is very cheap and effective way to create comfort in our apartment, this is the preferred way to heat your home.

Gone are the days when installing individual heating system (central heating system, as some mistakenly call it) required for weeks of noisy, dusty, and full of welding smoke works. To install a modern heating system requires a number of holes in the walls, used a clean polypropylene pipes are not wastes and in most cases ends in 2 - 4 days. Immediately after completion of the work, the system is turned on and ready to work. No noise disturbing neighbors. Discomfort caused by this process is about the same as the purchase and installation of new furniture. Installation of the system is simple in the home repair process, and in a renovated apartment.

The first positive aspect of the heating system is an even temperature throughout the home. Around the perimeter of the house, heating radiators that are mostly located near the windows make “curtains” of heat in the home. The windows do not sweat and the temperatures are an equal around the home. Bathroom heated too.

These systems are ecologically pure. In spite of the fact that fuel is the natural gas, heating boiler (in our case, the heating boiler "Ariston" of the Italian manufacture) equipped with closed combustion chamber, which is completely isolated from a home space. Radiators surface low temperature is ecologically pure too. Gas space heaters and electrical space heaters have high temperature of a surface. This causes the combustion of dust particles, and it is harmful to health. The temperature of radiators surface (about 60 - 65 degrees on Celsius), does not result in such combustion of particles of a dust, and therefore are ecologically safe.

The positive side is the fact that the system runs quietly, heating boiler "Ariston" has a very low noise. These boilers are also saving. One thing is savings on cheap natural gas compared to the electricity, and in addition is the savings from high-efficiency boiler. Almost all of the heat produced by burning natural gas, remains in the house and not wasted going out. In total, the savings are so significant that the heating system, in three or four years justifies the cost of installation and assembly.

Heating system
The big plus of autonomous heating system is that the system does not require human attention and monitoring. The boilers are fully automated, safe and protected. Actually you just need to turn on the heating mode on the heating boiler at the beginning of the heating season, and turn it off at the end of the season.

Another positive aspect of the heating system is hot water. The boilers are equipped with heating circuit and sanitary hot water circuit for the kitchen and bathroom. This fact also allows additional savings, because we do not need to buy extra water heater.

All of these methods are good to heat your home. You can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in your home. Which method you choose is up to you, but you will win in any case,
Because the heating - is comfort, the comfort – is healthy, and the healthy – is happiness.

Live in the happiness!
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